Product Update – Adaptive Zoom now live

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We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product to meet developers where they are, to ensure their happiness, and accelerate Time to Awesome.

This week, we are covering a product release that helps all InfluxDB Cloud UI users get more from their graphs.

Get granular on your graphs

Adaptive Zoom – also referred to as Dynamic Query Zoom – allows InfluxDB Cloud UI users the ability to trigger an auto-requery of data. If you create line graphs or single stat graphs using Query-Builder – or explicitly with the v.windowPeriod variable – this functionality can be very useful.

Upon zooming in, you will see more granular information in your graphs. That is, the window period of the graph will dynamically update upon zoom and you can view the updated window period at the top right of the graph cell. If you prefer to zoom without triggering a re-query, you have the option to toggle-off Adaptive Zoom in the customizable graph panel. If you choose to statically assign a constant value to the window period via the script editor – a.k.a. hard code the value – we recommend that you toggle-off Adaptive Zoom.

adaptive zoom

By default, Adaptive Zoom is turned on for all existing cells and any new cells. Lastly, to visualize the window period of a cell, look to the top right corner of the cell. Here are some helpful definitions while playing around with Adaptive Zoom and the Cloud UI:

  • Window Period - Time slices within a window in which an aggregate function has been applied.

  • Window - Timed boundary of the data returned in a query.

  • Refresh Rate - Rate at which a query will be auto-refreshed (re-running the query).

Please reach out to us if you have any questions on using this new feature or InfluxDB. We are always here to help.