Product Update – New InfluxDB OSS 2.4 Now Available With Significant Improvements

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We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product to meet developers where they are, to ensure their happiness, and accelerate Time to Awesome.

This week, we are releasing a new InfluxDB OSS version which contains multiple new features, security updates, and bug fixes. Here are the full Release Notes.

InfluxDB OSS 2.4 gains improved user model and CLI additions

This version of InfluxDB comes with new core features, Flux enhancements, and additions to the API that support features of the CLI.

User model and CLI

  • Operator Model changed to allow Admin user instance-level permissions without operator token.

  • Added influx remote command.

  • Added influx replication command.

  • Enhanced error messaging for InfluxDB and OSS specific commands.

  • Added api/v2/config endpoint to display the runtime configuration.

  • Full CLI additions Release Notes

  • Added back the v1 InfluxQL shell/REPL. More details in the v1 Shell blog.

  • Supported v1 dbrp names as bucket IDs in replications API, making the creation of replications easier and adding support for replicating to an Enterprise cluster’s v2 /write endpoint.

Flux enhancements highlights

  • Flux upgraded from 0.171.0 to 0.179.0

  • Added multiple new join functions to the join package such as join.full()

  • Promoted to influxdata.influxdb.wideTo()

  • Added built-in function time to the date package to convert any timetable into datetime

  • Promoted the following functions from experimental.array into the array package: array.concat(), array.filter(),

  • Promoted the following functions from experimental.http.requests into the http.requests:, http.requests.get(), http.requests.peek(),

  • Promoted experimental.bitwise into the bitwise package

  • Supported conditional expressions, constants, and literals in vectorized map()

Security updates

  • An issue in the package import that could lead to a DoS in the templates service.
  • An issue in the package import that could potentially lead to a DoS in storage authorization.
  • Cumulative security fixes for Go 1.17.8-1.18.3 are included in this release. These fixes resolve the following InfluxDB issues:
    • An issue with processing large PEM files that could lead to a DoS in the templates service or Flux connections using to()
    • An issue in TLSv1.3 and a lack of ticket randomness
    • A minor issue with filepath.Clean() on Windows

Bug fixes

  • Fixed race condition with remote replicating deadlocks that the remote writer prevented from writing to the target.

  • Resolved error when creating v1 authorization (v1 auth) with a nonexistent bucket ID.

  • Added fields to the _tasks bucket to match schema of the same bucket in InfluxDB Cloud – this provides consistency for clients accessing both.

  • Fixed rare case where measurement cardinality reported less than zero.

  • Resolve panic on cleaning up failed iterators.