Querying InfluxDB 3.0 Using JDBC Driver for Tableau

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InfluxDB 3.0 now offers support for connecting Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0 to query data for visualization using the Apache Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver (Flight SQL driver). In this blog post, we will explore the capabilities and benefits of this integration and provide some instructions on how to connect them.


Tableau offers two main ways to connect to third-party data sources: file and server. This article describes how to connect Tableau to Parquet files. By contrast, this blog describes how to connect Tableau to an InfluxDB 3.0 database through the Flight SQL driver.

What is Apache Arrow Flight SQL JDBC Driver?

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is a standard way to connect to, and interact with a database. The Flight SQL driver is a JDBC driver implementation that utilizes the underlying Flight SQL protocol, allowing any program that connects via JDBC to seamlessly connect and interact with databases that support Flight SQL. Because InfluxDB 3.0 supports Flight SQL, this driver acts as a bridge, enabling Tableau to establish a connection with InfluxDB 3.0, execute queries, and retrieve time series data for visualization.

Benefits of connecting Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0 using the JDBC Driver

  1. Enhanced performance: The Apache Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver leverages the high-performance capabilities of Apache Arrow and the efficient data transfer protocol of Arrow Flight. This results in faster data transfers and improved query execution times, enabling Tableau users to retrieve and visualize data from InfluxDB 3.0 with exceptional speed and efficiency.

  2. Real-time visualizations: By connecting Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0 using the JDBC driver, users can create interactive visualizations in real-time, as soon as InfluxDB ingests their data.

  3. Seamless integration: The Apache Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver provides a standardized interface for connecting Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0. This means that Tableau users can leverage their existing knowledge and skills to connect to InfluxDB 3.0 without the need for complex data transformations or additional tools.

Who can use this feature

InfluxDB 3.0 users, both InfluxDB Cloud Serverless and InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, have access to this feature on Tableau Desktop as of publication. In the future, additional InfluxDB 3.0 products will also support the JDBC driver.

How to connect Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0

You can find instructions for connecting Tableau to InfluxDB 3.0 Cloud Dedicated or Cloud Serverless in our docs.

Unlocking real-time insights

The Flight SQL JDBC driver integration between InfluxDB 3.0 and Tableau presents exciting opportunities for visualizing and analyzing time series data in real-time with enhanced performance. By effortlessly connecting these two powerful tools, users can unlock real-time insights, streamline workflows, and create compelling visualizations and reports. The combination of InfluxDB 3.0’s time series capabilities and Tableau’s analytical prowess empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions efficiently and effectively.