Recovery of InfluxDB Cloud Data in GCP Belgium

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On Monday, July 10, I shared an update that, as part of broader efforts to consolidate cloud regions (and in anticipation of InfluxDB 3.0), InfluxData discontinued InfluxDB Cloud service in two regions: AWS Sydney and GCP Belgium. We communicated this change and while the vast majority of users knew of the upcoming closure and successfully migrated their data, some users were not aware of the change and lost their data when we closed down those regions. We deeply apologize for this.

As of this morning, we have successfully recovered the time series data for the GCP Belgium users and are in the process of getting that data back to them. We have also recovered the user-defined functions and Tasks. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Google Cloud Platform team for their incredible partnership in helping us recover the data.

For users who have opened a support ticket, our team will be responding directly with details on how to download your data. If you were impacted and have not opened a support ticket, please email [email protected].

More from us coming soon

We are working on our root-cause analysis, which will include details on how we will modify and improve our operating processes to avoid this type of incident in the future. We will publish this documentation on our page before the end of the month.