Release Announcement: Chronograf 1.4.0 and Telegraf 1.5.1

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New releases for Chronograf 1.4.0 & Telegraf 1.5.1 are now available:

Key feature highlights from the release are:

  • Support for multiple organizations, multiple users with role-based access control, and private instances!
  • Introduce customizable Gauge visualization type for dashboard cells.
  • Kapacitor logs are now accessible from within the TICKscript editor.
  • Time shift feature -- allows you to plot and compare the same series using the same x-axis with different start/end times.  Allows for week over week or month over month comparisons.
  • Filtering by name is available on the Dashboard index page - for those of you with many, many dashboards.

In addition, we have a maintenance releases available now for Telegraf.

The binaries for the open source release can be found on our downloads page.