Release Announcement: Chronograf 1.7.12

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A new maintenance releases for Chronograf is now available.

This maintenance release of Chronograf 1.7.12 includes the following fixes:

  • Allow negative numbers for configured y-axis minimums.
  • Properly update query time bounds when zooming in on a dashboard.
  • Clarify wording of PagerDuty v1 deprecation message within the Kapacitor alert endpoint configuration page.
  • Requesting info from an “unavailable source” no longer causes the page to hang.
  • Add support for web workers in Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.
  • Create Chronograf user before CentOS installation.
  • Flux Technical Preview: Fix an issue where Flux responses weren’t parsed correctly.

For community members, the latest releases can be downloaded here.

Need more help? Contact support or checkout the community forums.

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