Release Announcement: Chronograf 1.8.7

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A new maintenance release for Chronograf is now available.

This maintenance release of Chronograf includes the following enhancements:

  • Chronograf Security — We added support for HTTP basic access authentication so that all HTTP requests to Chronograf are restricted to only selected users. You can enable it with the --htpasswd command line flag. We have also added support for configuring TLS ciphers and versions as well as the default timeout for a session.
  • Kapacitor — You can now configure the Alerta token-prefix field in the browser. This was previously only available through Kapacitor configuration files.

It also includes the following fixes:

  • Chronograf High Availability — We now also migrate Chronograf users when switching between bolt or etcd as a metadata store.
  • Dashboarding — The refresh interval is now always defaulted to off when opening a dashboard.
  • TICKscript Editor — Added the isPresent field to the TICKscripts generated from the alert rule builder.

For community members, the latest releases can be downloaded here.

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