Release Announcement: Chronograf

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A new maintenance release for Chronograf is now available.

This maintenance release of Chronograf includes the following enhancements:


  • For those who wish to use Chronograf in HA mode, you can now configure etcd with a client certificate.

Working with InfluxDB v2 

  • InfluxDB v2.0 OSS has been released. While it has a native UI which renders the vast majority of the capabilities of Chronograf obsolete, you can still use Chronograf with InfluxDB v2 and continue to leverage the existing dashboards you know and love.
  • We've improved the data source configuration experience allowing you to use the InfluxDB v2 authentication mechanisms, if you wish.
    • If you have already started to use Flux with InfluxDB v1.8, you will need to leverage the InfluxDB v2 authentication mechanism to allow your Flux queries to run once you upgrade to InfluxDB v2. Within InfluxDB v2, an organization is required as part of the Flux query API. But you can just upgrade the existing data source to supply the organization and a token with read access.
  • There is some advice below which is important to understand prior to upgrading InfluxDB v1 to InfluxDB v2 in terms of how the Chronograf experience is changed:
    • The InfluxDB admin page is now disabled if you are connected to an InfluxDB v2. Use the native InfluxDB v2 UI or CLI if you need to administer your InfluxDB v2 source.
    • Prior to upgrading InfluxDB v1, check to see if the credentials used in the data source connection to link Chronograf and InfluxDB possess admin privileges. You can see this in the InfluxDB admin panel. If they do, you should set up a new user/password combination and adjust the credentials within the data source connection in Chronograf prior to the upgrade.  The upgrade process does not automatically create Admin user privileges within InfluxDB v2.

This release also includes the following fixes:

UI improvements

  • Avoid blinking "No Results" dashboard cells upon refresh
  • Avoid blank screen on Windows
  • Ensure the compare function in the Data Explorer works with the :dashboardTime: and :upperDashboardTime: variables

Kapacitor Alert Rule Builder and Task Editor 

  • Warn about unsupported query syntax within the alert rule builder
  • Change the operator from OR to AND when using not-equal conditions in the generated TICKscript where filter


  • Upgraded Go to 1.15.5, Node to 14 LTS.

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our Chronograf Github Repo or our  Community Site and we will take a look.