Influx CLI Introduces Invokable Scripts, Auth Enhancements, and RE-INTRODUCES the InfluxQL Shell!

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Release Announcement: Influx CLI 2.4

The InfluxDB CLI is a standalone open source binary that works with both OSS and InfluxDB Cloud. On rare occasions some updates may apply to one or the other. In this release, each gets their own respective applicable enhancement.

Documentation for the CLI is contained in both OSS and InfluxDB Cloud documentation.


  • Allowed setting membership type with influx org members add where only member was available before

  • Added back the InfluxQL Shell (REPL) from v1 with an enhanced experience

  • [Cloud only] Allowed for calling Invokable Scripts

  • [OSS only] Added username and password authentication as alternative to token

  • Supported v1 dbrp names as bucket IDs in replications API. This makes the creation of replications easier and adds support for replicating to an Enterprise cluster’s v2 /write endpoint.