Release Announcement: InfluxDB 1.7.3 and Chronograf 1.7.6

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New maintenance releases for InfluxDB OSS and Chronograf are available now.

This maintenance release of InfluxDB 1.7.3 includes the following fixes:

  • Updated Technical Preview of Flux to version 0.12.0
  • Resolved an issue where invalid UTF-8 bytes in database or measurement names were preventing shards from opening
  • Added user authentication and authorization support for Flux HTTP requests
  • Added Flux query logging support

This maintenance release of Chronograf 1.7.6 includes the following fixes:

  • Added support for Flux 0.12.0 including updated documentation
  • Fixed an issue where meta node URL (InfluxDB Enterprise) and Kapacitor URL were being overwritten when editing a data source connection

For community members, InfluxDB 1.7.3 and Chronograf 1.7.6 can be downloaded here.