Release Announcement: InfluxDB 1.7.6 and Chronograf 1.7.10

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New maintenance releases for InfluxDB OSS and Chronograf are available now.

This maintenance release of InfluxDB 1.7.6 includes the following fixes:

  • Addressed a critical defect with 1.7.5 which for those using the inmem index where InfluxDB would become unresponsive and no longer accept writes or query requests.
  • Updated the database to use the latest Flux library version 0.24.0.
  • We now ensure credentials are passed for Flux queries when using Influx Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability that occurred when shared secret was blank.
  • We now drop only unsupported Prometheus values written to the remote write endpoint instead of the entire batch and fixed a panic in Prometheus read API.

This maintenance release of Chronograf 1.7.10 includes the following fixes:

  • Updated the UI to work with the latest Flux technical preview included in InfluxDB 1.7.6. This includes support for imports as well as updated function documentation.
  • Fixed the dashboard cell editor so that the time range selected is the one used for the query.

For community members, the latest releases can be downloaded here.

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