InfluxDB OSS Gains Improved User Model, Lots of Flux Enhancements, and Big CLI Additions

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Release Announcement: InfluxDB OSS 2.4

InfluxDB OSS 2.4 – Release Notes

This version of InfluxDB comes with Flux additions and a couple of enhancements to the API that support features of the CLI. The CLI received the most work this time around. See the CLI release notes for more information on that.


  • Added back the v1 InfluxQL shell/REPL. See this blog post for more information.

  • Supported v1 dbrp names as bucket IDs in replications API. This makes the creation of replications easier and adds support for replicating to an Enterprise cluster’s v2 /write endpoint.

  • Changed to operator model such that admin user has instance-level permissions without operator token.

  • Upgraded Flux from 0.171.0 to 0.179.0

Flux advancement highlights:

  • Added multiple new join functions to the join package such as join.full()

  • Promoted to influxdata.influxdb.wideTo()

  • Added built-in function time to the date package to convert any timeable into datetime

  • Promoted the following functions from experimental.array into the array package: array.concat(), array.filter(),

  • Promoted the following functions from experimental.http.requests into the http.requests:, http.requests.get(), http.requests.peek(),

  • Promoted experimental.bitwise into the bitwise package

  • Supported conditional expressions, constants, and literals in vectorized map()