Release Announcement: InfluxDB CLI 2.1.0

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A new release for InfluxDB Command Line Tools (CLI) is now available.

Key highlights for this InfluxDB CLI release include:

New Repository

This is the initial release of the influx CLI from the influxdata/influx-cli GitHub repository. Moving the command line client to its own repository allows us to iterate independently and fix issues independent of the InfluxDB OSS project. This will allow us to support features that are showing up in InfluxDB Cloud first.

Breaking Changes

The move to a new repository means we were able to make major changes to the tooling. Below is a list of the breaking changes in this release.

  • influx write Skip Header Parsing - The write command no longer supports --skipHeader as shorthand for --skipHeader 1. This change was made to simplify our CLI parser.
  • Stricter input validation for template-related commands - The apply, export, and stacks commands now raise errors when CLI options fail to parse instead of silently discarding bad inputs. This change was made to help users debug when their commands fail to execute as expected.
  • Server-side template summarization & validation - The template and template validate commands now use an API request to the server to perform their logic, instead of performing the work on the client-side. Offline summarization & validation is no longer supported. This change was made to avoid significant code duplication between influxdb and influx-cli, and to allow server-side template logic to evolve without requiring coordinated CLI changes.
  • influx stacks --json output conventions - The output of influx stacks --json previously used an UpperCamelCase naming convention for most, but not all, keys. The command now uses lowerCamelCase consistently for all objects keys, matching the schema returned by the API.


  • New command line flags - Added a global --http-debug flag to help inspect communication with InfluxDB servers.
  • Added the bucket-schema commands to manage explicit measurement schemas in InfluxDB Cloud. Along with that, we updated the bucket create and bucket list commands to support explicit schema as well.
  • Reimplemented backup and restore to support downloading the embedded SQL store from InfluxDB.
  • Added a --compression flag to backup to support enabling/disabling GZIP compression of downloaded files.
  • Added a --password flag to user password command to allow bypassing interactive prompt.
  • Bound --skip-verify flag to INFLUX_SKIP_VERIFY environment variable.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows Powershell - Fixed interactive password collection & color rendering in PowerShell when using Windows.
  • The organization members list command no longer hangs when an organization has more than 10 members.
  • Added the ability to detect & warn when inputs to write contain standalone CR characters.
  • The dashboards command now accepts --org flag, or falls back to default organization in the config profile.
  • We now return a consistent error when responses fail to decode, with hints for OSS or Cloud-only commands.

The latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community Site and we will take a look.