Release Announcement: InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.6

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A new maintenance release is available for InfluxDB Enterprise:

This maintenance release of InfluxDB 1.7.6 includes all of the following fixes contained within InfluxDB 1.7.6 OSS:

  • Updated the database to use the latest Technical Preview of Flux version 0.24.0. Upgrade to Chronograf 1.7.11 to explore this further.  Instructions for activating the technical preview feature are available.
  • Addressed a critical defect with 1.7.5 where, for those using the inmem index, InfluxDB would become unresponsive and no longer accept writes or query requests.
  • We now ensure credentials are passed for Flux queries when using Influx Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability that occurred when shared secret was blank.
  • We now drop only unsupported Prometheus values written to the remote write endpoint instead of the entire batch and fixed a panic in Prometheus read API.

A query regression that was introduced in InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.5 has been resolved as well.

For our InfluxDB Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there.

Need more help? Contact support or checkout the community forums.