Release Announcement: InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.8

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A new maintenance release is available for InfluxDB Enterprise:

This maintenance release of InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.8 includes all of the following fixes contained within InfluxDB 1.7.8 OSS:

  • Removed stray debugging print lines which appeared in the logs as of 1.7.7.
  • Fixed issue where fields "re-appear" after issuing a DROP MEASUREMENT.
  • Subquery ordering with aggregates in descending mode now returns results correctly ordered.
  • Fixed the http handler to not mislabel series as partial.
  • Ensure that SHOW SERIES EXACT CARDINALITY counts only distinct series.
  • Fixed time range exceeding min/max bounds.
  • Fixed Prometheus read panic.
  • The Technical Preview of Flux has been updated in this release to version 0.36.2.  

Specific fixes for InfluxDB Enterprise include:

  • Clarified influxd-ctl error message when the Anti-Entropy (AE) service is disabled.
  • Ensure invalid, non-UTF-8 data is removed from hinted handoff.
  • Added error messages for INFLUXDB_LOGGING_LEVEL if misconfigured.
  • Added logging when data nodes connect to meta service.

For our InfluxDB Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there.

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