Release Announcement: InfluxDB OSS 2.0.9

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A new maintenance release for InfluxDB OSS is available now. Thank you to all the community members who have downloaded and used this latest release.

Upcoming changes to CLI packaging

Beginning with the next minor version (2.1.0), the InfluxDB CLI (influx command) will no longer be packaged in releases from the InfluxDB repository (influxdata/influxdb). Future versions of the InfluxDB CLI will instead be released from the influx-cli repository. Users who wish to adopt the new InfluxDB CLI today can download the latest release from the InfluxData Downloads Portal.

Breaking change for Mac OS Users

  • This release upgrades the project to go version 1.16. Because of the version bump to go, the macOS build for this release requires at least version 10.12 Sierra to run.


  • New Resources API - Added a new route /api/v2/resources that returns a list of known resources to the platform. This makes it easier to automate token creation.
  • Flux Updates - Updated to Flux v0.130.0. Also added support for influxdb.cardinality() function. We also added --flux-log-enabled option to influxd to show detailed logs for Flux queries.
  • Performance Improvements - We optimized series iteration for queries that can be answered without inspecting TSM data and for queries with predicates that contain multiple measurements.

Fixes and improvements

This maintenance release of InfluxDB OSS includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • We now correctly filter requests to /api/v2/authorizations by organization and user parameters.
  • Updated to include curl as a dependency in influxdb2 packages.
  • Added a message to set the Flux content-type when a query fails to parse as JSON.
  • Discarded excessive errors over DefaultMaxSavedErrors (100) to prevent out-of-memory crashes.
  • Upgraded to avoid panics on Macs.
  • Implemented hard limits on field size (MaxFieldValueLength = 1048576) while parsing line protocol.
  • Resolved the compaction queue stats flutter issue.
  • We now ensure the TSI index compacts log files that meet one of the following criteria:
    • The log file hasn't been updated (no new series have been added to the shard) for 4 (or more) hours (to change this duration, specify a new storage-compact-full-write-cold-duration)
    • The log file is one (or more) megabytes (to update this size, specify a new storage-max-index-log-file-size)
  • Repaired bad port dropping return value names.
  • We now use consistent path separator in permission string representation.
  • (Windows only) Added a copy for snapshot files being backed up.
  • Fixed an issue where updating an inactive task no longer schedules it. Thanks @raffs!
  • We now preserve comments in Flux queries when saving task definitions.
  • Fixed X-Influxdb-Build and X-Influxdb-Version response headers for the /ping endpoint.
  • Upgraded influxql to latest version and fixed predicate handling for SHOW TAG VALUES meta queries.

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community Site and we will take a look.