Release Announcement: Kapacitor and Kapacitor Enterprise 1.5.3

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New maintenance releases for Kapacitor and Kapacitor Enterprise are available now.

This maintenance release for Kapacitor includes the following updates:

  • Security Enhancements
    • Add ability to skip SSL verification with an alert post node.
    • Additional TLS configuration options are also available allowing for a more precise configuration related to TLS version and specification of allowed ciphers.
  • Use default transport consistently.
  • Fix deadlock in barrier node when delete is used.
  • Make RPM create files with correct ownership on install.
  • Delete group stats when a group is deleted.
  • Avoid extra allocation when building GroupID.

In addition to those items, Kapacitor Enterprise includes the following updates:

  • Breaking Change - Topic Handler Changes
    • All topic owners must be available when a user attempts to create, update, or delete a topic handler. A "liveness" probe is performed on only the nodes that own the topic. An error is generated if the owner is unavailable or unresponsive.
  • Support insecure TLS and authentication when connecting to InfluxDB Enterprise meta node
  • Fix config start error from extra 'load' section
  • Update build script to correctly change file ownership in order to make RPM verification pass on RedHat-based systems

The binaries for the latest Kapacitor open source release can be found on our downloads page.

For our Kapacitor Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there. Need more help? Contact support or checkout the community forums.