Release Announcement: Kapacitor and Kapacitor Enterprise 1.5.5

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Two new maintenance releases for Kapacitor and Kapacitor Enterprise are available now.

Important Highlight

We’ve updated the package validation mechanics to use SHA-256. Previously versions used MD5 which had some known security vulnerabilities.   

This maintenance release for both Kapacitor editions includes the following update:

  • Update to the Kafka client to ensure errors are added to Kapacitor logs. Previously, while communicating with Kafka, there were classes of errors that were not logged.  

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.

For our Kapacitor Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there.  Need more help?  Contact support.

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our Kapacitor GitHub Repo or our Community Site and we will take a look.