Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.10.2

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A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For anyone using the Grok Parser: String fields no longer have leading and trailing quotation marks removed in the Grok parser. If you are capturing quoted strings you may need to update the patterns.

This maintenance release of Telegraf 1.10.2 includes improvements to the following plugins:

  1. Agent
    • Resolved a potential deadlock when the agent is attempting to align aggregators.
    • Fixed aggregator window alignment.
    • Added owned directories to the rpm package spec.
    • Fixed drop tracking for metrics removed with aggregator drop_original option.
    • Resolved a panic during the shutdown of multiple aggregators
  2. Ceph Input (ceph)
    • Added the cluster stats that were missing to this input.
  3. DiskIO Input (diskio)
    • Fixed an issue reading major and minor block device identifiers
  4. File Output (file)
    • Fixed open file error handling.
  5. Filecount Input (filecount)
    • Fixed basedir check and parent dir extraction
  6. Grok Parser (grok)
    • The last character is no longer removed from String fields.
  7. Influx Parser (influx)
    • Fixed tags being applied to the wrong metric on parse error
  8. InfluxDB v2 Output (influxdb_v2)
    • Fixed plugin name in logging.
  9. Prometheus Input (prometheus)
    • Fixed parsing of kube config certificate-authority-data
  10. Prometheus Client Output (prometheus_client)
    • Removed tags that would create invalid label names
  11. StatsD Input (statsd)
    • No longer return from the Start method until the plugin is listening

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.