Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.15.1

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NOTE: This release of Telegraf replaces the 1.15.0 release which impacted non-amd64 packages. We encourage all users to install 1.15.1, which includes the features, new plugins, and bug fixes below. 

A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.

Many thanks to the 50+ open source community members who contributed to this effort!

Key feature highlights from the release include:

  • The logparser input is deprecated, so use the tail input with data_format = "grok" as a replacement.
  • The cisco_telemetry_gnmi input has been renamed to gnmi to better reflect its general support for gNMI devices.
  • Several fields used primarily for debugging have been removed from the splunkmetric serializer; if you are making use of these fields they can be added back with the tag option.
  • Telegraf's --test mode now runs processors and aggregators before printing metrics.
  • Official packages now built with Go 1.14.5.
  • When updating the Debian package, you will no longer be prompted to merge the telegraf.conf file; instead, the new version will be installed to /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf.sample. The tar and zip packages now include the version in the top level directory.

New Inputs

  1. NGINX Stream STS Input Plugin (nginx_sts)
  2. Redfish Input Plugin  (redfish)
    • The redfish plugin gathers metrics and status information of hardware servers for which DMTF's Redfish is enabled. Contributed by @sarvanikonda

New Processors

  1. Defaults Processor Plugin (defaults)
    • The Defaults processor allows you to ensure certain fields will always exist with a specified default value on your metric(s). Contributed by @jregistr
  2. Execd Processor Plugin (execd)
    • The execd processor plugin runs an external program as a separate process and pipes metrics in to the process's STDIN and reads processed metrics from its STDOUT. Contributed by @influxdata
  3. Filepath Processor Plugin (filepath)
    • The filepath processor plugin maps certain go functions from path/filepath onto tag and field values. Contributed by @kir4h
  4. Network Interface Name Processor Plugin (ifname)
    • The ifname plugin looks up network interface names using SNMP. Contributed by @influxdata
  5. Port Name Lookup Processor Plugin (port_name)
    • Use the port_name processor to convert a tag containing a well-known port number to the registered service name. Contributed by @influxdata
  6. Reverse DNS Processor Plugin (reverse_dns)
    • The reverse_dns processor does a reverse-dns lookup on tags (or fields) with IPs in them. Contributed by @influxdata
  7. Starlark Processor Plugin (starlark)
    • The starlark processor calls a Starlark function for each matched metric, allowing for custom programmatic metric processing. Contributed by @influxdata

New Outputs

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.