Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.20.0

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A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available:

The binaries for the latest Telegraf release can be found on our downloads page.

Many thanks to the 70+ open source community members who contributed to this effort!

Key feature highlights from the release include:

  • Update to Go 1.17.0
  • Support for RTU/ASCII over TCP in the Modbus Input Plugin
  • HTTP Listener v2 Input Plugin now allows for multiple paths
  • Added JSON, MessagePack, and Protocol-buffers format support to the XPath parser
  • Added RFC 3164 support to Syslog Input Plugin for BSD-style syslog messages

New Inputs

New Outputs

Head to our downloads page to get the latest Telegraf release. If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community Site, and we will take a look.