Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.20.2

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A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now.

Telegraf 1.20.1 had an issue with the makefile which prevented i386 tar and rpm packages from being built.

This maintenance release of Telegraf includes the following improvements:

  • Dependencies
    • Updated module to v0.22.2
    • Updated containerd module to v1.5.7
    • Updated consul module to v1.11.0
    • Updated testcontainers/testcontainers-go module to v0.11.1
    • Updated Azure/go-autorest/autorest/adal module to v0.9.16
    • Updated Azure/go-autorest/autorest/azure/auth module to v0.5.8
    • Updated module to v1.17.0
    • Updated aws/smithy-go module to v1.8.0
  • Cloudwatch Input (cloudwatch)
    • Use new session API.
  • Couchbase Input (couchbase)
    • Fixed an insecure certificate validation
  • Elasticsearch Query Input (elasticsearch_query)
    • Added custom time/date format field
  • Intel RDT Input (intel_rdt)
    • Fixed an issue to prevent a timeout when logging
  • MongoDB Input (mongodb)
    • Fixed panic due to nil dereference
  • OpenTelemetry Input (opentelemetry)
    • Fixed an error returned to OpenTelemetry client
  • Procstat Input (procstat)
    • Added missing tags in procstat_lookup metric
  • Stackdriver Input (stackdriver)
    • Migrate to
  • JSON V2 Parser (json_v2)
    • Duplicate line_protocol when using object and fields
  • InfluxDB Parser (influx)
    • Fixed memory leak.
  • Grafana Loki Output (loki)
    • Updated plugin's http_headers setting to match the sample configuration
  • MQTT Output (mqtt)
    • Added the keep_alive configuration option to set the maximum time of no communication between broker and client and resolved an identifier rejected error

Head to our downloads page to get the latest Telegraf release. If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community site, and we will take a look.