Telegraf 1.27 Release Notes

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A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available:

You can find the binaries for the latest Telegraf release on our Downloads page. Many thanks to all the open source community members who contributed to this effort!

Key new features

Below are a few new features of v1.27 worth highlighting:

  • Common Expression Metric Filtering

    • A new metricpass filter option that accepts a filter expression using the Common Expression Language (CEL).

    • Provides users with a powerful way to filter any aspect of a metric.

  • Configuration File Parameter Expansion

    • Config file environment variable substitution now supports additional parameter expansion.

    • This allows for setting default values and error handling when a value is not set.

  • Netflow sFlow decoder

    • The Netflow Input Plugin can now parse sFlow v5 messages.

    • This will eventually replace the sFlow specific input plugin.

  • SQL FlightSQL support

    • The SQL Input Plugin added support for FlightSQL.

    • The allows users to query against the new InfluxDB v3.

  • MQTT layouts

    • The MQTT output now supports specifying the layout format of metrics.

    • This option can allow the user to select from a set of high-level layouts that may better represent their data.

New plugins

These are the newest plugins, first available, in this version:

  • ctrlX Data Layer Input (inputs.ctrlx_datalayer)

    • Gather data from communication middleware running on ctrlX CORE devices.

    • Contributed by boschrexroth

  • Intel Baseband Accelerator Input (inputs.intel_baseband)

    • Collects metrics from both dedicated and integrated Intel devices that provide Wireless Baseband hardware acceleration.

    • Contributed by bkotlowski

  • Clarify Output (outputs.clarify)

  • Nebius Cloud Monitoring Output (outputs.nebius_cloud_monitoring)

    • Send aggregated metrics to Nebius.Cloud Monitoring.

    • Contributed by abrekhov

  • Scale Processor (processors.scale)

    • Processor to scale values from a specified range into another range.

    • Contributed by PaddyKe

  • Docker Secret Store (secretstores.docker)

    • Secret store to use Docker Secrets as a backend.

    • Contributed by shantanoo-desai

  • HTTP Secret Store (secretstores.http)

    • Secret store to query secrets from an HTTP server.

    • Contributed by srebhan

  • CloudEvents Serializer (serializers.cloudevents)

    • Produce metrics into the CloudEvents JSON format.

    • Contributed by srebhan

Important changes

There were two changes that could possibly impact a small number of users:

  • Time parsing with abbreviated time zones

    • Up until this release, Telegraf was not parsing date times that included an abbreviated time zone (e.g. mst) correctly.

    • If a user is using this type of date time, a warning will print as the behavior will now correctly parse these.

  • Parser and Serializer Structure

    • This was an internal-only change.

    • End users should not see any differences unless they use Telegraf like a library.

Deprecation removals

Users may have already seen some deprecation warnings for v2.0. Many of these messages were updated to set removal for v1.30, ~March 2024. This will be the first set of removals focusing on settings and plugins deprecated before v1.0.


Head to our Downloads page to get the latest Telegraf release. If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo, or our Community Site, and we will take a look.

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