Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.7.2

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A maintenance release for Telegraf is now available: Telegraf 1.7.2 — release notes.

This maintenance release includes updates for the following plugins:

    1. Docker Input
      • Updated the plugin to report memory usage without memory cache to match the Docker CLI.
      • Previously, we were only using the first name of a container. We now search across all container names.
    2. HTTP Output
      • We now notify the user that the url is an incorrect or unparseable format.
    3. Printer Processor
      • We now print octets in the proper string format.
    4. RegEx Processor
      • We no longer set values when the pattern doesn't match in regex processor.
    5. Syslog Input
      • Fixed found EOF, expecting a MSGLEN errors that were happening.
    6. Zookeeper Input
      • We now use localhost as default server tag.

This release can be found on the downloads page.