Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.8.3

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The new maintenance release for Telegraf 1.8 is available now.

Telegraf 1.8.3 includes improvements to the following plugins:

  1. AMQP Output (amqp)
    • Fixed a connection leak by closing unused connections.
  2. IPMI Sensor Input (ipmi_sensor)
    • Fixed a panic when this plugin receives bad input.
  3. Jolokia2 Input (jolokia2)
    • We no longer add non-serializable fields to this input.
  4. JTI OpenConfig Telemetry Input (jti_openconfig_telemetry)
    • Prints the proper error when there is a login issue.
  5. Kinesis Output (kinesis)
    • We now set the defaults on the Kinesis output partition key when tag does not exist.
  6. PostgreSQL Input (postgresql_extensible)
    • Fixed the version check for this plugin.
  7. x509 Certificate Input (x509_cert)
    • Added the subject of the certificate as a tag to help distinguish certificate chains.

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.