Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.9.1, InfluxDB 1.7.2, Chronograf 1.7.4, and Kapacitor 1.5.2

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Four new maintenance releases for Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor are all available now.

This maintenance release of Telegraf 1.9.1 includes improvements to the following plugins:

  1. Agent
    • Metric memory is now freed from the metric buffer on write
  2. Basic Stats Aggregator (basicstats)
    • Added early metrics to aggregator and honor drop_original setting
  3. Graylog Input (graylog)
    • Added X-Requested-By header to this input
  4. Jenkins Input (jenkins)
    • We now set the default config values for this input
  5. Kafka Consumer Input (kafka_consumer)
    • Fixed a panic when marking the offset in kafka_consumer
  6. MongoDB Input (mongodb)
    • Fixed the server connection and document stats
  7. Ping Input (ping)
    • Added the -W flag on BSD variants
  8. PostgreSQL Input (postgresql) and Postgresql Extensible Input (postgresql_extensible)
    • Added support for client TLS certificates by updating the library we use
  9. Splunk Metrics Serializer (splunkmetric)
    • Fixed the boolean value handling in this serializer
  10. Wavefront Parser (wavefront)
    • We now allow delta metrics in this parser.

This maintenance release for InfluxDB 1.7.2 includes the following updates:

  • Improvements on the Flux technical preview — including Histogram() revised to rename buckets to bins to avoid confusion when developing queries
  • Addresses a number of issues with DROP and DELETEs reported by community members
  • Resolves issue reported when attempting to apply multiple access log filters
  • Ensures max-series-limit is applied when using sub-queries

This maintenance release for Chronograf 1.7.4 includes the following updates:

  • Fixes an issue where string values were being interpreted as numbers in Table graphs
  • Enhancements to Log Viewer to fix scrolling and log loading issues
  • Adds additional loading state for predefined dashboards and fixes an issue where notes were flashing prior to data being loaded in the dashboard
  • Fixes an issue where the IDs for Kapacitor TICKscripts were invalid for Sensu

This maintenance release for Kapacitor 1.5.2 includes the following updates:

  • Allows links to be added to notifications sent to PagerDuty v2 API
  • Allows additional metadata to be added to notifications sent to Sensu
  • New configuration setting allows for persistence of topics to be toggled.  This is particularly useful for environments with large numbers of alerts.
  • changeDetect node now works across multiple fields
  • Improvements to the barrier node including support for join node and the ability to expire or remove tags, groups from the running tasks.

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.