SDxCentral | 3 Stories That Take Big Data and AI Beyond the Buzz

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Publication: SDxCentral Title: 3 Stories That Take Big Data and AI Beyond the Buzz Author: Ali Longwell

Abstract: This article by Ali Longwell covers three stories from this week detailing how “big data and automation are helping aid in the management and monitoring of enterprise systems and architectures and bringing these words beyond hype to actual services and platforms, particularly in the containerized and microservices world.” InfluxData is featured as one of those stories. The blurb about InfluxData covers the company’s announcement regarding its release of the beta version of its open source time series database. The article also mentions that InfluxData’s time series database tools are meant to handle massive volumes of time-stamped data. With the latest beta release InfluxData also debuted a rate-limited free tier of the service that will remain free.


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