Security and extensibility enhancements are now available in Kapacitor 1.6.3

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Security and extensibility enhancements are now available in Kapacitor 1.6.3.

Kapacitor 1.6.3 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Security
    • We've deprecated ciphers that were identified as "weak" as part of the sweet32 attack.
  • TICKscript enhancements - additional config options for BigPanda and Alerta
    • BigPanda event handler:
      • Added the following configuration options to the handler (per BigPanda Alert specification):
        • host: Identifies the main object that caused the alert
        • attribute: Adds additional attribute(s) to the alert payload
      • Additional configuration options include the following template data in host and attribute value expressions: ID, Message, Level, Time, Duration, Details, Name, TaskName, Group, Tags, Fields.
        • Tags and fields are added to the payload as additional attributes.
        • A new handler configuration option "auto-attributes" has been added to control this behavior. The value can be either tags, fields or both these keywords (comma-separated). For backward compatibility, the default value is tags,fields.
    • Alerta event handler: Added support for attributes which is a dictionary of key-value pairs. This allows you to send custom attributes (for example, runBookUrl) to Alerta.
  • Other - Compatible with new Golang library and more
    • Upgraded to the new google.golang protobuf library
    • topic-buffer-length - A new configuration parameter has been added to the alert configuration group to allow for adjusting the topic queue length. This is useful if large amounts of alerts must be sent due to scheduled maintenance such as a Windows update.
    • Improved error messages associated with Flux-based tasks

Grab the latest bits from our downloads page under “Are you interested in InfluxDB 1.x Open Source?”

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our Kapacitor GitHub Repo or our Community Site, and we will take a look.