See You in October - InfluxDays North America 2021!

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InfluxDays NA2021

We’re super excited to announce our speaker lineup for InfluxDays North America 2021 Virtual Experience. InfluxDays is an event focused on the impact of time series data, where you’ll gain first-hand knowledge — from InfluxDB community members and InfluxData’s team — about time series applications and use cases. The conference is being held on October 26-27, 2021.

We will have speakers from InfluxData including members of our engineering teams, product management and leadership. There will also be sessions from community members and customers who will share their knowledge and expertise from hands-on experience with the tools.

Registration is open — it's free!


Leading up to InfluxDays, we have two separate trainings available for our community! On October 11-12 2021, our popular Flux Training returns. The day before InfluxDays, on October 25, we will be providing our Telegraf Training. Both trainings will be held virtually. If you register for either one of these trainings (or both), you will be automatically registered for the conference. Spaces are filling up fast — so register now!

Day 1 speakers

InfluxData founder and CTO Paul Dix will kick off the conference! After Paul discusses the future of InfluxDB, VP of Products Tim Hall will follow up with a roadmap update deep-dive.

Bhagvan Kommadi is the Director of Engineering at Value Momentum. He will demonstrate how they created a DevOps delivery platform that is powered by AI which has been instrumental for doctors and other healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bhagvan Kommadi

The team from Socialgist, including Vijeta Hingorani, Milos Pavkovic and Mladen Maric, will show how they use Kafka, Slack, Grafana, Elasticsearch andInfluxDB to turn email reports into useful dashboards. These dashboards are self-service and used by their sales team. They are also able to run their anomaly detection model and store the data in InfluxDB, the purpose-built time series database.

Vijeta HingoraniVijeta Hingorani Milos PavkovicMilos Pavkovic Mladen MaricMladen Maric
Socialgist team

Russ Savage will provide an update on the InfluxDB platform. The Telegraf team will highlight product updates and share tips on data collection. In case you don’t get enough from the Flux Training, Scott Anderson will show new features in Flux - including how to create and send notifications using raw Flux.

Day 2 speakers

Ryan Betts, our VP of Engineering, will kick off the second day of InfluxDays by highlighting advances made to the platform by the developers behind InfluxDB.

Michael Hall is our Community Manager who will give shoutouts to all of the amazing worldwide developers who contribute to InfluxDB via our communities, Slack workspace, GitHub repos, social media, etc. We couldn’t do it without our community of fierce supporters, and we always want to show our appreciation to everyone out there.  ??

Timothy Spann from StreamNative will share how to use FLiP with InfluxDB for EdgeAI IoT at scale. Learn how to use various technologies, including Apache Pulsar, NiFi and InfluxDB, to develop a low-code IoT app. InfluxDB is used for data transformations, parsing, enrichment and querying. Timothy Spann

Day 2’s speakers also include Jacob Marble and Brian Gilmore from InfluxData. Jacob is an engineer on the InfluxDB IOx team. In his session, he will show how to use OpenTelemtry to collect metrics and then use InfluxDB for storage. Brian is the Director of IoT Product Management. Sensors are everywhere! Join his session to understand more about how InfluxDB is a perfect solution for sensor data — regardless if it’s a sensor at your home or thousands of sensors monitoring an industrial manufacturing plant!


Anais Dotis-Georgiou from InfluxData will help you sharpen your Flux skills by querying a NOAA dataset! She'll also answer some of the common Flux questions from community members. Anais-Dotis-Georgiou
Hari Prasad Sudharshan from Fujitsu Network Communications will teach you how to use InfluxDB to make your software development process data-driven. He uses InfluxDB, Flux and InfluxDB Templates to make developers' lives easier! Hari Prasad-Sudharshan
Ana-Maria Calin works at InfluxData; in her capacity as a Senior Software Engineer, she deploys and maintains all app components that make up InfluxDB Cloud and she works on our CI/CD pipeline! Check out this session to learn more about running InfluxDB on a self-hosted cloud platform using Kubernetes — Containerize! Ana-Maria-Calin

On-demand sessions

We will have a few on-demand sessions that will be available on October 26, 2021. Tobias Braun from Herrenknecht AG will highlight how they use InfluxDB to collect and store IIoT metrics from construction projects. The team at Eldor including Volkan Balikci, Nilden Tutalar and Uygar Zubari will demonstrate how to collect machine data using the MQTT protocol, Telegraf, InfluxDB and Kapacitor to produce actionable insights and to create useful data pipelines!

Volkan BalikciVolkan Balikci Nilden TutalarNilden Tutalar Uygar ZubariUygar Zubari
Eldor Corporation team

Can't wait to see everyone October 26-27, 2021. Save your free spot today!