Share Your Technical Knowhow at InfluxDays London 2020!

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InfluxDays 2020

InfluxDays is all about gaining first-hand technical knowhow and knowledge sharing from InfluxDB community members. And we want to incorporate these inspirational experiences and insights from the best subject matter experts — you.

Do you have a remarkable use case to share? Do you have a passion for sharing knowledge with others? Do you like to help others solve common technical challenges? Do you love to share stories around best practices, and how-tos? If you answered yes to any — or all — of these questions, then we want to hear from you!

If you’re selected to present, you will receive a complimentary conference pass to InfluxDays London 2020. So if you’re an InfluxDB or Telegraf user and have tips, tricks, and insights that would benefit and inspire the community, now is the time to share.

InfluxData aims to make InfluxDays accessible and useful to people of all backgrounds and experiences. Historically, talks with a diverse set of voices and viewpoints have been rated higher by attendees.

What are we looking for? Subject matter experts who can:

  • Teach technical users "how-to"
  • Share best practices, methodologies, and tips and tricks
  • Enlighten peers with interesting success stories
  • Highlight solutions to prevailing problems
  • Share cool demos

Some topics we feel would be a great fit are:

  • Using InfluxDB and sharing your lessons learned, the architecture you deployed, and the results you achieved
  • Building IoT applications and deriving insight from IoT data
  • Extending the InfluxData platform with machine learning, anomaly detection, rules engines and other user-defined functions (UDFs)
  • Monitoring the full stack – real examples and design patterns on how to monitor application, infrastructure, and business process data

See all past InfluxDays talks for some inspiration and thank you for taking the time to enter your submission!