Solutions Review | 20 Experts Share Predictions for Cloud in 2020 and Beyond

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Publication: Solutions Review
Title: 20 Experts Share Predictions for Cloud in 2020 and Beyond
Author: Daniel Hein

Abstract: This Solutions Review article offers tech industry predictions by experts representing the top cloud vendors, cloud solutions providers, and IT software companies. Among them is InfluxData CTO Paul Dix, who states: “I think that in 2020, enterprise tech customers will finally realize that pursuing a multi-cloud strategy is proving to be worthless…for tech customers, the goal of hedging against failures is just not meaningful when prolonged outages among major cloud providers, the kind that would require a company to shift operations to another cloud, have been practically non-existent. As for avoiding vendor lock-in, it ends up being more expensive for end-users to build the same system in multiple clouds than to build for your cloud of choice and then possibly move to another cloud if the terms or functionality get bad.”

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