Integration Developer News | StreamSets Embeds InfluxData's Time Series Technology To Deliver DataOps for Cloud-Native, Multi-Cloud Projects

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Publication: Integration Developer News Title: StreamSets Embeds InfluxData’s Time Series Technology To Deliver DataOps for Cloud- Native, Multi-Cloud Projects Author: Vance McCarthy

Abstract: In this Integration Developer News article, Vance McCarthy covers the recent announcement that StreamSets is partnering with InfluxData to bring Time Series Database monitoring and management to its multi-cloud DataOps platform. IDN spoke with InfluxData Head of Product Marketing Navdeep Sidhu to learn why DevOps and DataOps requires companies to modernize their monitoring approach, including the use of time series data. As DevOps, AI/ML, IoT and other newer app trends become more prevalent, Sidhu said that many enterprise developers are feeling the pressure: “They’re struggling. They are using Hadoop, MySQL or traditional RDBMS. But that is like putting the square peg in the round hole. These are major reasons companies are looking to replace their existing monitoring solution—many of which were built decades ago—with time series.” Customers, said Sidhu, want 99.99 percent uptime but are being constrained by existing monitoring tools because they would only provide information at one second intervals.


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