TechTarget | InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 expands open source time series database

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Publication: TechTarget
Title: InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 expands open source time series database
Author: Sean Michael Kerner

Abstract: This TechTarget article by Sean Michael Kerner covers InfluxData’s latest release: InfluxDB Cloud 2.0. The author notes that while the core open source InfluxDB 2.0 project is still in alpha, InfluxData has advanced its cloud service to support new features as it grows its time series database service. InfluxData, he writes, made its new time series database as a service (DBaaS) release generally available on Sept. 10 as a major update to the InfluxDB 1.x cloud service, which was first launched in April 2016. He explains that with InfluxDB 2.0 Cloud, the open source time series database service benefits from the addition of the Flux data scripting and query language, which is intended to provide greater insights for users.


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