The New Stack | The Need for Time Series Data Is Now

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Publication: The New Stack Title: The Need for Time Series Data Is Now Author: Mark Herring

Abstract: In this article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring puts in context the growing popularity of time series technology and explains the reasons behind that growth. Herring notes that since the launch of InfluxDB, an open source Time Series Platform, InfluxData has “seen millions of downloads, built an expanding list of enterprise customers, and fostered a growing community that is always finding new ways to deploy and build on our platform.” He points out that Amazon’s recent announcement that it will enter the market sometime in 2019 with Timestream validates the “need for robust, established, purpose-built solutions like InfluxData.” Then the author outlines the expected differences between InfluxData’s and Amazon’s time series offerings. He concludes by stating that competition fuels innovation and that it grows the category as a whole.


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