The New Statesman | Europe 'ahead of the curve in IoT', says InfluxData as it opens London office

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Publication: The New Statesman Title: Europe ‘ahead of the curve in IoT’, says InfluxData as it opens London office Author: Sam Forsdick

Abstract: This NS Business article covers the increasing adoption of InfluxData technology in Europe. It provides examples of IoT use cases deploying InfluxData’s platform, including uses of its open-source, plugin-based metrics collection agent Telegraf. The author notes that a “drive to automate business processes is one of the reasons behind this trend, while a commitment to save energy and the environment has also helped with IoT uptake in areas such as predictive maintenance.” The article also mentions InfluxData’s recent announcement regarding opening its first London office last week to meet the demand, giving the business its first permanent European presence.


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