TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips - Chronograf's Template Queries and Function Documentation's Make-over!

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In this post, we recap some new material that you might have missed in the past week or so. Check in next week for the most interesting TICK stack related issues, workarounds, how-tos, and Q&A from GitHub, IRC, and the InfluxData Community.

Chronograf has template queries

Starting with version 1.2.0-beta8, Chronograf’s data explorer supports query templates. Just click on the Query Templates dropdown and select a CREATEDROP, or SHOW query to enter it in the query input.

Function documentation gets a make-over

Last week we released an all-new version of the functions documentation. Functions are an essential part of InfluxDB’s query language; they allow you to aggregate, transform, and analyze your time-series data. We hope the revised documentation helps you get to know functions and allows you to seamlessly integrate them into your monitoring solution.

Among the various improvements, the new documentation includes:

Tech tips get a webinar

Check out our Tech Tips webinar to get an overview of the blog entry highlights in the past quarter. The webinar goes into detail about InfluxQL’s subqueries, INTO queries, new CLI features in version 1.2, and it offers a couple miscellaneous tips for working with InfluxDB and Chronograf.

Quarterly Tech Tips - April 2017 from InfluxData Platform on Vimeo.


What's next:

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