TL;DR Tech Tips: New Query Language Features in Version 1.3

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In this post, we give a preview of some new query language features in InfluxQL version 1.3.

New Operators

Version 1.3 introduces several new mathematical operators:

  • Modulo (%)
  • Bitwise AND (&)
  • Bitwise OR (|)
  • Bitwise Exclusive-OR (^)

The following query calculates the moduli between two fields:  cod and pod.

> SELECT "cod" % "pod" FROM "prod"

name: prod
time                  cod_pod
----                  -------
2017-06-21T22:55:25Z  0
2017-06-21T22:56:25Z  1
2017-06-21T22:57:25Z  3

New time zone clause

InfluxQL’s new time zone clause returns the UTC offset for the specified timezone. The query below returns the UTC offset for Chicago’s time zone:

> SELECT "water_level" FROM "h2o_feet" WHERE "location" = 'santa_monica' AND time >= '2015-08-18T00:00:00Z' AND time <= '2015-08-18T00:18:00Z' tz('America/Chicago')

name: h2o_feet
time                       water_level
----                       -----------
2015-08-17T19:00:00-05:00  2.064
2015-08-17T19:06:00-05:00  2.116
2015-08-17T19:12:00-05:00  2.028
2015-08-17T19:18:00-05:00  2.126

New duration unit

Duration units specify the time precision in InfluxQL queries and when writing data to InfluxDB. InfluxQL Version 1.3 introduces a new nanosecond duration unit: ns.

The query below uses a GROUP BY time() clause to group averages into 1000000000 nanosecond buckets:

> SELECT MEAN("value") FROM "gopher" WHERE time >= 1497481480598711679 AND time <= 1497481484005926368 GROUP BY time(1000000000ns)

What's next:

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