Tom Wilkie to Speak at InfluxDays on How to Instrument Your Services with the RED Method

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Tom Wilkie is the founder of Kausal, a new company hosting Prometheus. Previously he worked at companies such as Weaveworks, Google, Acunu and XenSource. While he was at Google, he was an SRE for Google Analytics.

With Tom’s background, it is no surprise that he is passionate about instrumenting applications—however, he is equally passionate about allowing developers to focus on the code central to their applications and not have to waste time determining the best way to instrument their code. Instead, he thinks their time is best served by using tried and tested patterns and methods to instrument their code such as the USE Method, the RED Method, and the Four Golden Signals.

Tom will be speaking at InfluxDays NYC on February 13, 2018. The title of his talk is “The RED Method: How to Instrument Your Services” and we believe you will find it useful to your development efforts.

Join us at InfluxDays NYC 2018 while tickets are still available at only $199—well worth it—and start thinking about what questions you might want to ask Tom in person.