Usability improvements in the new release of Chronograf

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Chronograf 1.9.4Release Notes

This latest release of Chronograf includes the following new improvements and fixes:


  • Chronograf 1.9.4 now includes a Flux Builder to support users who are new to Flux and want a more guided experience building up Flux queries. For those who are new to Flux and starting to use Flux with InfluxDB Enterprise, this new experience provides an easy on ramp for building your first Flux query. The Flux Builder now in Chronograf mirrors what is offered via InfluxDB Cloud and InfluxDB OSS.

Kapacitor integration

  • Within Chronograf, you have access to view all of the scripts and tasks that Kapacitor is executing. We've improved the browsing experience to improve the performance of loading and listing TICKscripts and Flux Tasks. This includes the ability to filter by name.

Grab the latest bits from our downloads page under “Are you interested in InfluxDB 1.x Open Source?”

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our Chronograf Github Repo or our Community Site and we will take a look.