Manufacturing Tomorrow | Using Open Software in Manufacturing

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Publication: Manufacturing Tomorrow Title: Using Open Software in Manufacturing

Abstract: This Manufacturing Tomorrow article features a Q&A with Frederik Van Leeckwyck, Business Development Manager at Factry, a Belgian software company that brings the power of open software to the world of manufacturing, and a Consulting Partner of InfluxData. Van Leeckwyck covers what Factry does, prominent trends in Industrial IT, the importance of open source for manufacturing companies, the reasons for adopting open source, and what makes historians ripe for disruption. In his answers, he mentions InfluxDB: “Historians exist for decades already, and from a purely functional standpoint their basic functionality will not change that much. However, it’s because open software and protocols such as InfluxDB and OPC-UA are available that historians become increasingly available to smaller companies. We’ve helped large companies make the change from incumbent historian vendors to Factry Historian, based on InfluxDB.”

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