Velocity and Maturity

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Today we made a couple of important InfluxData announcements. The first, on the product side, was the introduction of the 1.2 version of the entire TICK stack with significant performance, usability and reliability improvements and the concurrent release of the 1.2 version of our Enterprise edition with added capabilities around backup and restore. This is evidence of our continuing velocity and commitment to the Open Source platform and our commercial offerings. Our goal is to become the platform of record for developers and architects to build their real-time IoT, analytics and monitoring applications.

We understand that this is an ambitious objective! With an active community that has grown almost 10x since last January and a growing base of enterprise customers we feel like we are on our way, but make no mistake we have to earn your confidence every day – this is a marathon and not a sprint. We intend to earn that confidence (and I paraphrase Paul here) by building products that dramatically reduce time to value for developers and by broadly solving for developer happiness.

In addition to our 1.2 product release announcement we also added two new executives to our team; Tim Hall and Mark Herring. By happenstance both come to us from Hortonworks, one of the leaders in contributing to and supporting Open Source Enterprise Apache Hadoop implementations. Tim will assume the role of VP of Products where his experience managing and supporting more than 25 different open source projects will be invaluable as he manages our product release cycles, roadmaps, professional services and support organizations. Tim will be helping us mature our processes and driving improvements to usability and reliability.

Mark who has a deep background in developer marketing and community building from his work at Hortonworks and MySQL also has a strong enterprise background from his tenure at Oracle and Forte Software. Mark, as our CMO, will be running all of our go to market efforts with a special focus on increasing awareness on the use of time-series data platforms to power the next generation applications.

We have a robust technology platform, a deep commitment to our rapidly expanding community, and a mission to help developers and architects build real time solutions for their organizations and businesses. We are lucky to have Mark and Tim join us on that journey.