Where in the World is Flat Mark?

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InfluxData has team members spread across the world and as a result, sometimes we travel to connect with team members. We all have varied backgrounds, embrace our differences and love working together to achieve our goals.

Flat Mark is one of our most traveled team members. While he’s based out of our San Francisco headquarters, lately he’s been traveling more than ever. When he’s at HQ, you can find him working at his desk, hanging out with team members and sharing his marketing knowledge. He can’t wait for this year’s interns to join so he can teach them Marketing 101.


We have a growing team based in Austin Texas, and Flat Mark visits occasionally to the great state of Texas to bond with the team there. Flat Mark loves barbequing at home, so naturally he enjoys Austin’s BBQ scene. Here he is waiting for his flight to Austin.

Traveling can be exhausting for any business traveler and Flat Mark is no different. To unwind, he utilizes our flexible PTO policy. Recently, he took a day off and went to Santa Cruz. While there, he went through The Mystery Spot and learned more about the laws of physics and gravity.

Like many Influxers, Flat Mark loves dogs. A few months ago, a bunch of us went to Alameda for paddle boarding. Flat Mark learned the hard way that water sports aren’t for him, so he hung out with dogs and enjoyed tropical drinks.


InfluxData’s team is growing rapidly, and we like to all get together once a year. We recently came back from Phoenix, Arizona where we spent a week together hanging out and learning from each other. Flat Mark loved all of the breakout sessions and singing karaoke with the team!

Lately, Flat Mark has been in London collaborating with the team. As he’s going to be there for an extended period of time, he’s decided to learn the London Underground better. He’ll be the first to admit he prefers San Francisco’s climate. He’s had to cover up more in London to stay dry!


As a distributed team, Influxers rely heavily on Zoom calls and Slack to collaborate. However, nothing beats having in-person meetings. While in London, Flat Mark is helping the team prepare for InfluxDays London 2020 and he’s been busy reviewing Call for Papers submissions - click here to submit yours today!

When Flat Mark returns to San Francisco, he’s looking forward to happy hours where he’s partial to White Claws. Even after a long day at the office, he’s always open to playing foosball with co-workers. When he’s home, it’s really easy for him to commute as there’s a BART entrance right outside the office.

"It doesn't matter if it's working towards a tight deadline, hanging out at a happy hour, volunteering or commuting together — a great thing about working at InfluxData is that we have fun. " - Flat Mark


If you’re interested in joining InfluxData and meeting Flat Mark, please check out the Careers page and apply.