Why I Joined InfluxData - Brian Gilmore

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I’ve worked on golf courses, in music stores, as a hospital administrator, and in Marine Husbandry and Life Support. I never finished college, have collected several comically dated tattoos, and am proud of all of it. My family and friends have oscillated between shock and curiosity with each new adventure. They whisper quietly that I’m still finding myself. I’m fine with saying it out loud.

When I found my way into Tech, I knew I had found a professional home. For the most part, Tech is a place where substance, experience, and expertise are valued over pedigree. I wish there were fewer obstacles to inclusion for others, but that’s a problem easier fixed from the inside. I need to work harder there myself.

While I’ve used technology and data to make an impact in each of my “careers,” this is my second act in software and my first at a startup. InfluxData was a no-brainer for me — I’m passionate about the democratization of data, integrating diverse human experience and tribal knowledge within analytics strategies, and I believe that we’re actively deciding our future with the technology we invent, build, and deploy today. I want to be here for that.

From my first conversation with the team, it was clear to me that InfluxData was one of the “good ones”. Valuing each other as individuals. Being great and humble. Embracing failure in the interest of progress. Building great software that people love to use. A position of leadership in a segment of technology that is critical to the availability, performance, security, and efficacy of every other innovative technology in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Public Sector, and beyond. It all just seemed to make sense and I jumped at the opportunity.

My first month has made it clear that I’ve made the right choice, and I’m looking forward to much more of what I’ve experienced so far. Together, let’s use technology to make the world a better, safer, more inclusive, and equitable place. I’m here for you — just let me know how I can help!