Why I Joined InfluxData - Jennifer Gibson

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Why Jennifer Gibson joined InfluxData

A happy chance of fate introduced me to InfluxData, and the people are what sealed the deal!

The interview process

Right off the bat, I was excited about this opportunity after talking to Becky the Recruiting Manager. I was connected with her from another recruiter I had been speaking with. I took it with a grain of salt because in my experience these things never really go far or aren’t what I’m looking for. Not only did Becky and I have a great conversation, but it didn’t feel like a standard interview. We got to talk and just get to know each other and learn more about the company and position. She was transparent and upfront about all the changes happening in HR which I appreciated, and she let me be transparent with what I was really looking for. After that, I got to speak with the rest of the team and had great conversations with them all!

The people

As a “people person” — not only in life but working in HR/People Operations — one of my top priorities in looking for a new role are the people I will be working with. Both with my direct team and the company overall. Everyone I spoke to prior to me joining, and even after, have been helpful, friendly, and genuinely interested in getting to know me. I even had a meeting with CEO Evan Kaplan in which he asked me about my hobbies and passions — not just about my skills for my role.

Growth and autonomy

During my first initial calls with the team it was very apparent that at InfluxData, growth and autonomy are valued. I was interviewing for a role that to be honest was a “safety” role because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to be. The team picked up on this and because of certain shifts happening internally, they gave me the opportunity to “build” a role that better suited me. I am able to do things I have years of experience in but also start learning and growing new skills in this role that I haven’t been able to before. I’m also able to bring my past experience and help create/scale/and restructure processes within the company which is valued.