Why I Joined InfluxData — Jess Ingrassellino

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jess ingrassellino

The world moves fast, and technology moves even faster. As a result, the path to a career in tech is not always a straight line; the skills and strengths that contribute to technical excellence and innovation are varied. I’m a career changer who pivoted from music education into software development, and over the past eight years, I’ve grown to love open source communities with solid core values and commitment to their users.

After my first interview with Barbara Nelson, I knew that I wanted — no, needed! — to be a member of the InfluxData team. When I researched InfluxData for my interview, I was impressed by the product, the level of outreach and communication from the team, and the community involvement and enthusiasm for InfluxData. As my interview process continued, I learned that the commitment to user experience is paramount at InfluxData, and every action in the company revolves around creating a great, user-friendly product that encourages innovation and experimentation.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been warmly welcomed by the InfluxData team members. It’s been exciting to dive into Telegraf and work closely with the excellent developers who make a product that, in the words of so many people, “just works!”. To be at the helm of a team that develops a solid, dependable, widely used open-source product is both humbling and exciting. I’m humbled by the engaged community and my incredible peers and colleagues; I’m excited about all of the innovation that’s possible as we move forward. I’m excited to see innovative use cases for InfluxData technology, and it’s been really fun to experiment with it myself using the Arduino and InfluxDB 2.0 (hopefully a blog on that coming up soon!).

I look forward to reaching out to our community soon, and to learning from all of the brilliant people who help make InfluxData great.