Why I Joined InfluxData - Luis Casillas

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Why Luis Casillas joined InfluxData

Hello, my name is Luis Casillas, and I joined InfluxData as a Software Engineer and part of the deployments team.

There is a lot of cool stuff happening here. It piqued my interest to apply for the role after understanding how InfluxData is changing and outperforming how data, specifically metrics and events, is ingested and presented. And after speaking with team members and engineers during the interview process, I immediately apprehended what InfluxData is doing and can have in store for my career.

I knew I wanted to grow technically in my career but agonized at the thought of stepping out of the comfort of my previous job and successfully joining the right company.

At InfluxData, there is a sense of pride in sharing knowledge and helping others, a characteristic that was lacking from my previous experiences. As overwhelming as it can be joining a team that collaborates with many groups worldwide, I am yet to run into anyone not willing to go out of their way to help answer any questions or further explain any inquiries I may have. And after joining the team, I was glad about my decision. Two things that resonated with me about InfluxData’s core values and what made my decision easier were:

  • We believe humility drives learning
  • We embrace failure

The shared and promoted core values to build a better product will help me become a successful contributor here at InfluxData.

I feel very fortunate to have joined the deployments team here at InfluxData; there is a lot to learn and even more to accomplish and contribute.