Why I Joined InfluxData - Morea Pollet

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Moréa Pollet

There is something about data that fascinates me — the complexity of managing it and the challenge that comes with leveraging it. As a marketer, I love that challenge of taking a complex product and making it accessible and easy to understand, even for someone who doesn’t have a technical background. That is what drew me to this opportunity. InfluxData gave me the possibility to do just that.

Marketing can often have bad press and be seen as too salesy, but what attracted me about InfluxData was how different it was with open source. When working with an open source product, marketing is not about selling; it is about educating and assisting the community in delivering their best. When I was first interviewing and hearing about how some users are leveraging InfluxDB to build sustainable watering systems or track and optimize energy consumption, I was amazed at what people could do. Why would I not want to be around such positive reinforcement of the great things humans can achieve? It is so exciting to work in an environment where you hear about all these great stories every day.

Joining a new company is not just about a product and an industry; it is also about what your day to day is going to be like. I want to have fun in my job. My first boss always told me, “If we are not having fun, why are we even doing it?” I guess it stuck with me, and with this role, I had no doubt it would meet my “work fun” definition. I enjoy demand generation, as it is so diverse and every day is different. I am the lucky one that gets to work and assist in not just one marketing area. When running events, I get to meet the community, use some creativity when delivering campaigns, be my organized and process-oriented self when it comes to the operational side of marketing. Because I work on so many things, I get to work with really knowledgeable people, and it is thrilling to see how they run their areas and get to learn it. It boosts my creativity and motivates me to deliver my best.

One other aspect of my “work fun” definition is that I want to learn continually. I want to grow as a professional but also personally, and you can only do that in an environment where collaboration is at the center, where failure is embraced, and where you feel safe to be yourself. InfluxData is all about that. You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you feel like you knew them forever? On day 3, I felt like I had been part of my team for months already. If you are looking for that thing that just clicks, you might just be at the right place.