Why I Joined InfluxData - Rick King

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Why I Joined InfluxData - Rick King

I was really lucky to have joined InfluxData when I did for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I was referred by Andrew Spencer, as we worked together in the past; always enjoyed working with Andrew! The second reason: I wanted to focus on another open source technology that will satisfy my itch to learn new things. My personal belief is that you never really graduate from school, you have to keep learning! It’s only been a month since I’ve joined, yet I am learning new things everyday! The use cases on how InfluxData is used in different industries is truly exciting.

A passion for values

Since my first interviews with Joe Schuerman and Dan Dobbs, I was impressed by how they showed passion for InfluxData’s core values, and their enthusiasm for positive customer experiences. When I researched InfluxData for my interviews, I was also impressed by InfluxData’s involvement in their open source community, and the level of communication from the team as well. As an open source company, InfluxData is doing everything right!

A positive learning environment

During my first couple of weeks of training, the learning environment was very positive, which I appreciated very much. It is reassuring to be in a company that fosters learning; even team members that have been with InfluxData for a long time are learning new things as well. Being an open source product, there are always innovations and opportunities to learn new things! To be part of a team that develops a solid, dependable and supported open source product is both exciting and humbling.

Contributing to the team

Being part of the Support Team, part of our duties is to take care of our customers’ Cloud services, which includes monitoring, and being proactive about addressing any issues before they become bigger issues. Also, the Support Team helps customers with their questions when they submit their cases. Customer education is important, and so is making sure customers’ goals are met by illustrating best practices.

Through hard work and learning, I hope to be a positive influence on our teams, and to our customers as a reliable source of information and support.