Why I Joined InfluxData – Will Wilbrink

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Why Will Wilbrink joined InfluxData

Hello, my name is Will Wilbrink, and I’ve joined InfluxData as a Technical Support Engineer.

I’ve spent the vast majority of my working life in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a developer and consultant. GIS helps people in their daily activities; for example, answering the questions “where is the nearest ice cream shop” and “how do I get there”? GIS systems use fit-for-purpose databases and algorithms.

I was working at a low-code development platform startup when we ran into some financial issues, and I started to look for new opportunities. I ran across a posting for InfluxData, and it caught my attention.

A couple of fundamentals to the Internet of Things (IoT) are: where is the sensor and what are the readings over time? InfluxData, with a time series platform, seemed like a good extension to my work in GIS.

I applied to a couple of technical positions and was fortunate enough to be contacted for an interview. After that first interview, I was impressed with the straightforward conversation and company values. The interview process was relaxed, and conversations flowed well for both parties.

I’m fortunate to have joined the InfluxData team. My colleagues are smart and helpful to both customers and each other. There is a real “can do” spirit within the company that I really like.