Why I Joined InfluxData - Anais Dotis-Georgiou

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Hello, my name is Anais Dotis-Georgiou, and I’m a new Influxer.

My decision to join InfluxData as a Developer Advocate comes from going down a meandering path that led me to discover my love for data and Influx.

The last 8 years in a nutshell:

  • I went to college hoping to be a Chemical Engineer. I found out a lot of ChemE's go into Biotech.
  • I followed them and worked in Biotech labs as a Research Assistant. Eventually, I worked at a company where I "programmed" a liquid handling robot.
  • I found out I liked robots and the "programming" I was doing, but I was jealous of the Data Scientists who got to play (as I saw it) with all of the data I was producing. I wanted to do that.
  • I convinced a Chemical Company that I could create Supply Chain Tools for them. This was fun. "Building this simple data visualization tool is so satisfying. Maybe I should pursue Tech," I thought.
  • Enter Oracle. I joined Oracle as a Sales Development Representative. Turns out working in a fast-paced environment doesn't guarantee stimulating work...duh. I  wasn't satisfied with the type of problem-solving I was doing. Also, I deeply missed nerds.
  • I left to attend a bootcamp for Data Analytics and Visualization—a great decision. I loved learning Python and analyzing data. Data analytics is beautiful because it allows me to: 1) identify my misconceptions and prejudices, 2) exercise humility, 3) inspire me to learn more, and 4) recalibrate with confidence.

I started interviewing for jobs during the bootcamp, and as I learned about all of the opportunities in tech, I naturally created a dream job checklist.

My dream job would:

  • Allow me to explore data
  • Learn about a lot of different things
  • Be surrounded by kind, passionate nerds
  • Improve my communication skills

When I heard about InfluxData, I was thrilled. It checked all of those boxes. The InfluxData platform has such a wide range of use cases that it’s applicable in almost every industry. In learning more about InfluxData, I’ll get to learn a little bit about everything. As a Developer Advocate, I’ll get to analyze time series data in creative ways and share my analysis and excitement with others!